The Price of Dental Implants Explained

Price of Dental Implants in Melbourne, FL | Mini Dental Implants

Limited access to high-quality dental care can significantly affect overall health and quality of life. Unfortunately, those in greatest need of dental care often have the most trouble accessing it. Financial obstacles are a significant factor, leaving many people to delay treatment until more drastic treatments are needed. For many searching for a tooth replacement, the complexities of finding the right solution at the right price may seem impossible. At Designing Smiles Dentistry, we believe everyone deserves affordable, quality dental care. If you need to replace a tooth but are worried about expenses, we’re here to break down the price of dental implants and show you how you can access these advanced dental solutions.

What Are Dental Implants?

Price of Dental Implants in Melbourne, FL | Mini Dental ImplantsDental implants essentially serve as substitutes for the root of a missing tooth. These titanium posts are anchored securely in your jawbone and serve as a foundation for a dental restoration. On top of the implants, Dr. Apel can place crowns, bridges, or even dentures to replace missing teeth.

Two types of dental implants are commonly used in today’s dental offices: traditional implants and mini dental implants. While they share a common function, their difference in size leads to notable differences in the procedure, healing process, and overall price of dental implants.

Traditional vs. Mini Implants: The Procedure

Traditional implants consist of a screw that measures 5 mm in diameter. The larger size of the implant screw offers stability for the prosthetic but can present issues for individuals who have experienced bone loss in the jaw. Over time, tooth loss causes bone resorption, narrowing the jawbone. As a result, it may be unable to accommodate such a large screw without bone grafting. This surgical procedure helps to counter bone loss by transplanting bone tissue from elsewhere in the body or tissue banks to enhance jawbone density. The process improves the jawbone quality but can be costly and time-consuming, requiring a healing period before implant placement. Even without bone grafting, replacing missing teeth with traditional implants involves multiple visits, prolonging treatment and increasing expenses.

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At our practice, we prefer mini dental implants for their many added benefits. Measuring less than 3 mm, the mini implant screw is much more narrow. Plus, while placing traditional implants requires several steps, mini dental implants can often be completed in a single visit. At your appointment, Dr. Apel will use a local anesthetic to numb your gum and jaw. The procedure involves drilling a small hole into the jawbone and securing the implant in the hole. Dr. Apel will use specialized tools to secure the implant before attaching the prosthesis. Thanks to the smaller size of the implant, bone grafting is usually unnecessary, making the total procedure time significantly shorter than that of traditional implants.

Implant Cost Explained

If you are searching for a tooth loss solution that is more cost-effective, mini dental implants are a better solution. Some of the factors that contribute to the lower price of dental implants include:

  • Less invasive placement: If a traditional implant needs bone grafting to complete, the total procedure time is usually extended much longer to allow for osseointegration. This is a process in which the titanium post must integrate with the bone tissue, which can take 4 to 6 months. Because mini implants are smaller and don’t require bone grafting, the procedure costs will be lower since they don’t require as many office visits.
  • Smaller size: Besidests reduced size, the implant also involves fewer components. This also helps to lessen the overall cost.
  • Quicker recovery: Mini implants allow for same-day placement for many patients since complete osseointegration isn’t necessary. This enables a swift recovery and fewer follow-up visits.
  • Denture stabilization: Existing dentures can sometimes be retrofitted to snap onto mini implants, saving on costs. The implants can also secure Fix-on-Six® roundhouse bridges, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional dentures. While conventional dentures must be periodically adjusted or remade, implant dentures maintain their fit. This saves you money in the long term since you won’t need to schedule various appointments to adjust the dentures.
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Mini dental implants are a budget-friendly option and allow you to return to your daily life much quicker. With fewer components and a simpler procedure, they offer an economical solution and considerable comfort compared to traditional implants.

Learn More About the Price of Mini Dental Implants

If you are considering mini dental implants, we invite you to schedule a free consultation. We can discuss if the procedure is right for you and discuss your needs. Based on your needs, goals, and preferences, we can provide you with the projected price of your dental implants.

At Designing Smiles Dentistry, we are committed to providing accessible, quality dental care for all. With diverse and flexible financing options, we strive to provide care that aligns with every budget, allowing you to receive the necessary treatments without delay! Contact us today to learn more.

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