Fix on Six Bridges in Melbourne, FL

Severe tooth loss affects many Americans: the CDC reports that nearly 25% of adults aged 65 years or older have lost all their teeth. If you are missing all the teeth on your upper or lower arch and don’t want to deal with the hassle of traditional dentures, Fix on Six® bridges can restore your smile. Using mini dental implants, your dental bridge will be completely secure, allowing you to eat your favorite foods, smile wide, and speak with confidence.

At Designing Smiles, Dr. Apel is an expert implant dentist with over 30 years of experience. Specializing in mini dental implants, he provides patients with the opportunity to stabilize their dentures, giving them back their quality of life.

Understanding Fix on Six Bridges

Fix on Six bridges replace a full arch of teeth using mini dental implants and a custom-made dental bridge. Depending on the volume and quality of your jawbone, Dr. Apel may place 6-10 mini dental implants in your jaw. A mini implant is a small titanium post with a screw at the bottom and a ball-shaped connector at the top. The ball end connects to a dental appliance using rubber O-rings.

The Fix on Six system replaces all the missing teeth in the arch at once. Instead of using an implant for each missing tooth, only 6-10 implants are needed to anchor the bridge of replacement teeth.

While traditional dentures use the roof of your mouth or jawbone ridge for support, Fix on Six bridges are securely anchored to mini dental implants, meaning they won’t come loose or pop out. The full-arch bridge, known as a “semi-removable fixed hybrid bridge,” snaps onto the dental implants and is only removed by Dr. Apel for cleaning and maintenance during your routine checkups.

Why Are Mini Dental Implants Used with Fix on Six Bridges?Fix on Six in Melbourne, FL Designing Smiles Dr. Victor Apel

Mini dental implants are an update to the traditional dental implant. For many patients, mini implants are the preferred solution for replacing missing teeth. The benefits of mini dental implants include:

  • Small size: At less than 3 mm in diameter, mini implants are half the width of traditional implants, making them suitable for individuals with limited bone structure. Their smaller size allows Dr. Apel to place them in areas where conventional implants would not fit.
  • Minimally invasive procedure: While traditional implants have multiple components, mini implants are just one piece, simplifying the placement process. As a result of their size and design, you can expect a less invasive procedure with mini implants.
  • Immediate results: Mini implants allow for “immediate loading,” meaning Dr. Apel can mount prosthetic teeth or dentures to the implants immediately after he has placed them. This means you’ll have a functional and aesthetic solution right away.
  • Quick recovery: The small diameter requires less disruption to the surrounding tissues, reducing post-procedure discomfort and facilitating quicker recovery compared to traditional implants.
  • Long-lasting: Mini implants are made of durable titanium. When properly maintained, they can last a lifetime.
  • Budget-friendly: Mini implants are typically half the cost of traditional implants, making them an affordable tooth replacement option.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Fix on Six Bridges?

Individuals who want to avoid traditional denture options or replace their loose and ill-fitting dentures will find relief with Fix on Six bridges.

To qualify for full arch mini dental implants, you must have a healthy jawbone and gums. Some factors that could interfere with the success of the mini implants are:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation
  • Blood clotting disorders
  • Gum disease
  • Smoking
  • Poor oral hygiene

At your consultation, we will determine if you are a strong candidate for mini dental implants, as they are the foundation for Fix on Six bridges.

Fix on Six Bridges: The Benefits

If you are looking for a reliable alternative to traditional dentures, Fix on Six bridges offer enhanced stability and solve many common denture problems.

Stable and Secure

Because the mini implants are secured into your jawbone, they provide a firm foundation for the full-arch bridge. You won’t have to worry about the bridge shifting or falling out. While traditional denture wearers often complain that their ill-fitting dentures prevent them from speaking, laughing, or smiling normally, a Fix on Six bridge will give you your confidence back.

You will also be able to eat better. People who wear traditional dentures tend to eat soft foods because of their impaired chewing ability. Not surprisingly, the CDC notes that missing teeth or wearing dentures negatively affects nutrition. This is because tooth loss makes eating healthy foods like fresh fruits and raw vegetables difficult. A Fix on Six bridge, on the other hand, restores your bite force, allowing you to eat a balanced diet while enjoying your favorite foods.

Convenient and Durable

These dental appliances are also convenient. While traditional dentures must be removed daily and cleaned meticulously, your Fix on Six bridge is only removed at your routine dental appointments so Dr. Apel can professionally clean the bridge and implants. At home, you will simply maintain a proper hygiene routine to maintain the integrity of your restoration.

Because traditional dentures are designed to be removed easily, they are also easy to damage. Denture wearers must be cautious when handling their dentures, as dropping them can lead to breaks. Additionally, when dentures move around in the mouth, their fit and security are compromised. You are more likely to fracture an ill-fitting denture through the force of your bite.

A significant benefit of Fix on Six bridges is that they don’t break easily. The durable titanium implants and the zirconia bridge itself are exceptionally long-lasting. Zirconia is a type of ceramic that is stronger than porcelain. In fact, it is considered the most durable ceramic material used in dentistry. As a result, you can look forward to a solution for replacing your missing teeth that will last you for 10-20 years.

The Fix on Six Dental Implants ProcedureFix-on-Six-in-Melbourne-FL-Designing-Smiles-Dr.-Victor-Apel-

The Fix on Six dental implants procedure begins with a free consultation where we will perform an oral exam and take detailed 3D scans of your mouth and jaw. These images let us know precisely where to place the mini implants in your jawbone.

At the start of your procedure, Dr. Apel will apply a local anesthetic to numb your gums and jaw. To place each implant, he will make a small hole in your gums and screw the implant into your jaw.

Your zirconia bridge is then fabricated in a state-of-the-art dental lab to fit your mouth perfectly. This usually takes 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, you’ll wear a temporary bridge to protect the implant sites.

When your custom restoration is ready, Dr. Apel will remove the temporary bridge and snap the permanent bridge onto the implants to secure your smile. Your Fix on Six bridge will look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

Can I Afford a Fix on Six Bridge?

Fix on Six bridges are more cost-effective than replacing each missing tooth with a dental implant. While they are more expensive than traditional dentures, they are a much more stable and reliable investment. If you need to replace missing teeth with a Fix on Six bridge and have dental insurance, we will help you maximize your policy’s benefits.

We also partner with multiple dental financing companies for those needing to finance their treatment. With rates as low as 0% and manageable monthly payment options, your treatment can align with your dental goals and your budget.

Fix on Six Bridges: The Secure Denture Alternative

With a fit that never changes, Fix on Six bridges offer unparalleled comfort and support, making them a superior choice over traditional dentures. Combining the many benefits of mini dental implants with the strength of zirconia, the Fix on Six system promises security for your full arch replacement teeth.

At Designing Smiles, Dr. Apel and his team prioritize your oral health and well-being, delivering the best treatments to deliver flawless results. Contact us to learn more about Fix on Six bridges and experience newfound confidence through a functional, natural-looking smile. Book your free consultation today.