Snap-On Dentures Secure Your Smile

Snap-On Dentures in Melbourne, FL | Mini Dental Implants

Traditional dentures have been a long-standing solution for replacing missing teeth, offering individuals a semblance of their former smiles. However, while they address crucial issues, they are not without their drawbacks. Common problems include slipping, the need for adhesives, and periodic adjustments to help restore fit. Snap-on dentures, supported by dental implants, are an innovative solution for many of these challenges. Because the appliance is secured to dental implants, they eliminate the need for adhesives and provide a more secure and predictable fit. At Designing Smiles Dentistry, we are committed to offering our patients superior alternatives to traditional dentures, including advanced snap-on dentures.

What Are Snap-On Dentures?

Snap-On Dentures in Melbourne, FL | Mini Dental Implants

Snap-on dentures, or implant-retained dentures, are like their traditional counterparts in that they help to replace missing teeth. However, in the case of implant dentures, the prosthetic is supported by dental implants. The implants stabilize the false teeth for a more secure fit.

Implant dentures come in different varieties, differing in their degree of removeability and the number of implants needed to support them. Snap-on dentures are removable and typically rest on four to eight mini dental implants.

The star of this denture structure is the mini implant. Traditional dentures, held by suction or a special adhesive, can come loose, weaken the jawbone, and cause soft tissue damage. With dental implants, the prosthetic doesn’t shift or loosen, maintaining its original fit.

Mini Dental Implants Explained

Mini dental implants, crafted from sturdy titanium, act as prosthetic tooth roots. Dr. Apel inserts these narrow implants into the jawbone to offer enduring support for dental appliances, including dentures. Featuring a small ball at the top of the post, these implants attach to the denture using rubber O-rings. These revolutionary mini implants have several advantages over the larger traditional alternative.

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While traditional implants are about five millimeters in diameter, mini implants are half the size. They are also just a single piece, while conventional implants have multiple components. The upgraded design of the mini implant makes them minimally invasive and efficient placement, allowing for swift results and quick recovery.

Because of their larger size, traditional implants frequently require bone grafting to strengthen the jawbone prior to placement. This extends the procedure timeline significantly, sometimes taking a year to complete. In most cases, Dr. Apel can place mini implants without bone grafting. This feature expedites the treatment timeline and allows patients to experience the benefits of denture stabilization much sooner.

Mini Implants: How Tough Are They?

While the name of these implants underscores their small size, mini implants have a remarkable impact on oral health and overall wellness. These small yet mighty posts can help alleviate many issues resulting from tooth loss. By supporting dentures, for example, they offer a vital advantage in preserving bone health. Traditional dentures apply limited pressure on the jawbone, which does not effectively stimulate it to maintain its health. As a result, wearers often experience a weak bite force. This limitation can make chewing certain foods challenging, potentially leading to lower nutrient intake and an imbalanced diet.

Dental implants are inserted into the jaw, replacing the tooth’s root. They effectively stimulate the jawbone, which preserves its health and enables a stronger bite force. This improved bite power significantly improves chewing efficiency and oral function. Plus, a healthy jawbone maintains your appearance, preventing facial collapse—a consequence of severe tooth loss.

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The Benefits of Snap-On Dentures

Choosing implant dentures offers a stable alternative to conventional options. They provide an ideal solution to complete tooth loss for those wanting to avoid the frustrations of traditional dentures.

Snap-on dentures present compelling benefits worth considering, such as:

  • Enhanced stability: These dentures will not slip or shift, ensuring confidence during daily activities like eating and laughing.
  • Optimal comfort: Their precise fit minimizes gum irritation and discomfort, promoting a more comfortable experience.
  • Bone preservation: The mini implants accompanying these dentures help to stimulate the jawbone, preventing bone loss and maintaining facial structure.
  • Convenience: These dentures are removable at your convenience, allowing you to thoroughly care for your prosthetic and implants.
  • Affordability: Mini dental implants are half the cost of traditional implants. When you choose snap-on dentures secured with mini implants, you can enjoy significant savings without compromising on the quality of your dental restoration.

At Designing Smiles Dentistry, Dr. Apel isn’t just another dentist. With four decades of experience transforming smiles, he has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of snap-on dentures. Whether you need a new set to replace missing teeth or want to explore options to stabilize your current dentures, his expertise and our team’s dedication to patient care mean you are in safe, experienced hands.

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