Jaw Pain: How to Get Relief

How to Get Relief From Jaw Pain Associated With TMJ

How to Get Relief From Jaw Pain Associated With TMJ

Do you wake up in the morning with symptoms like facial discomfort or soreness in your jaws? These could be signs of a TMJ disorder. At Designing Smiles Dentistry, we are equipped with advanced technology and techniques to accurately diagnose and effectively treat TMJ issues. Don’t let myofascial pain and impaired jaw function diminish your quality of life any longer. We have a track record of successfully helping numerous patients, and we’re confident we can do the same for you.

A TMJ disorder refers to any condition that causes discomfort or restricts the movement of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) – these joints hinge your upper and lower jaws and are situated below the ears on both sides of your face. They are essential for activities like speaking, swallowing, and chewing.

To provide an accurate diagnosis, we conduct a thorough examination, checking for tenderness and assessing any clicking, popping, or difficulty in jaw movement. We also utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to gather precise information about your specific case. Many of our patients have found relief from their symptoms through the use of custom-fabricated night guards. These night guards, similar to retainers, work by maintaining a slight separation between your jaws as you sleep, preventing teeth grinding and allowing your facial muscles to relax. Custom-made to fit comfortably and securely in your mouth, they ensure a restful night’s sleep without the worry of morning facial discomfort.

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