Snoring Appliances in Melbourne, FL

Snoring is the result of airflow during sleep causing the soft tissues at the back of the throat to vibrate. While it’s an occasional occurrence for most people, some experience it as a recurrent issue.

Snoring Appliances Melbourne FL Dr. ApelAccording to statistics, about 90 million individuals in the United States snore during sleep. Among these, nearly half might just be experiencing regular snoring, while the rest could potentially be grappling with sleep apnea, a type of sleep-related breathing disorder.

Several factors can affect the airflow in the nasal and oral passages, leading to sporadic or persistent snoring:

  1. Blocked nasal pathways
  2. Slackened throat and tongue muscles
  3. Excessive throat tissue or an extended soft palate or uvula
  4. Consumption of alcohol or muscle relaxants
  5. Lack of adequate sleep
  6. Sleeping on one’s back

Addressing Snoring with a Tailored Oral Device

The first step involves discerning whether persistent snoring is a symptom of a more grave health issue. While intense, regular snoring could indicate sleep apnea, it’s essential to note that not everyone who snores suffers from this condition.

For those diagnosed as “primary snorers,” meaning their primary issue is snoring without underlying sleep apnea, a specially designed oral device is often recommended. This device, worn during sleep, resembles an athletic mouthguard or dental retainer. It’s a non-invasive solution to snoring, slightly adjusting the jaw’s position to facilitate better airflow and consequently, a quieter and more peaceful sleep.