6 Facts About Your Teeth

Do You Know These Facts About Your Teeth?

Do You Know These Facts About Your Teeth?

While it might not be immediately apparent, your teeth are intricate biological structures that play substantial roles in maintaining overall bodily health, extending beyond their presence within the oral cavity.

At Designing Smiles Dentistry, we take pride in being experts in the realm of oral healthcare, with an in-depth understanding of all things dental. Our unwavering commitment lies in emphasizing the significance of preventive dental care, aimed at enabling every patient to relish the advantages of a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Here, we present you with an array of 6 intriguing dental facts:

  1. It’s a somber reality: Teeth can emerge with cavities right from the start. This occurrence might appear rather unfair, wouldn’t you agree?
  2. Cavities are not self-healing. The longer they are left unattended, the more they deteriorate. The sole effective “remedy” necessitates dental intervention, entailing the removal of decay and the meticulous filling of the cavity.
  3. Baby teeth, also referred to as “deciduous” teeth, serve the crucial purpose of preserving spaces within your jaw and gums, anticipating the eventual eruption of permanent teeth, also known as secondary teeth. Allowing baby teeth to naturally fall out enhances the likelihood of their permanent successors aligning correctly. Conversely, teeth can occasionally emerge inverted, sideways, or even in reverse!
  4. Teeth are remarkably versatile, distinguished by their unique names and functions. We initially possess 20 baby teeth, followed by the emergence of 32 permanent teeth.
  5. Surprisingly, the visible portion of a tooth, known as the crown, accounts for only a fraction—approximately one-quarter to one-third—of the tooth’s total structure. The majority of the tooth remains concealed beneath the gumline.
  6. Some individuals find themselves endowed with more teeth than they genuinely require! This fascinating “condition” is termed hyperdontia, and it predominantly affects permanent teeth rather than their baby counterparts. These supernumerary teeth may occasionally necessitate extraction to prevent complications such as overcrowding or the displacement of other teeth. Conversely, some individuals may not develop certain teeth at all, with genetics being the determining factor behind the presence of an excess or deficiency of teeth.

As you embark on your quest for a dental practice dedicated to delivering the utmost standards of personalized care, your search concludes at the doorstep of Designing Smiles Dentistry. We extend a comprehensive selection of high-quality dental services catering to individuals of all ages. For a more detailed insight into our extensive array of offerings, we warmly invite you to contact us and schedule an appointment today. Your oral health remains our paramount concern!

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