Sports Mouthguards in Melbourne, FL

Each year, a staggering number of dental and facial injuries arise due to sports-related incidents. Activities with a higher likelihood of body collisions, ground impacts, or potential contact with equipment, like balls or bats, pose a greater oral injury risk.

Sports-Mouthguards-Melbourne-FL-Victor-C-Apel-DMDOne effective strategy to drastically lower the chances of injuries to your teeth, face, lips, tongue, or jaw during sports is by using a mouthguard. This removable device, crafted from durable plastic, fits snugly over your teeth. While most mouthguards are designed primarily for the upper teeth, they can be molded for the lower set based on specific needs, especially for those with braces or certain dental fixtures.

There are three primary types of sports mouthguards available: stock mouthguards, which are pre-formed and ready-to-wear; boil and bite mouthguards; and custom-fitted mouthguards designed by a dentist. Our clinic can guide you in choosing the ideal mouthguard for your needs. Although the first two types provide a degree of protection, the most effective and comfortable option remains the custom-designed mouthguards tailored by dental professionals.