Night Guards in Melbourne, FL

Bruxism refers to the persistent habit of clenching the jaw and grinding teeth. Though it can occur during waking hours, it’s often most pronounced at night, leading to symptoms like jaw discomfort, headaches, and tender teeth that might even feel wobbly. While stress and anxiety are frequently identified as prime causes, other factors such as sleep disorders, an improper bite, or misaligned or missing teeth can also play a role.

Night-Guards-Melbourne-FL-Dr.-Apel-1One of the common solutions for alleviating bruxism symptoms is the use of a night guard during sleep. This custom-fitted device sits over the teeth, ensuring the jaws remain slightly separated. Its use can prevent various complications, including muscular tension, undue stress on the jaw joint (TMJ), and dental issues like cracked or chipped teeth from persistent grinding.

Moreover, a tailor-made night guard crafted at a dental clinic not only shields the surrounding oral structures from damage but can also help in reducing the bruxism tendency, offering the individual a more restful sleep.