Our Philosophy

We understand that choosing a new dentist and a dental health team can be a challenge, and can leave you with some uncertain feelings. We are writing this as a form of welcoming you and of sharing our beliefs about what we do for the people we
serve. Briefly stated our philosophy is this…

"Our desire is to help the people we serve achieve a higher level of self-esteem and
well-being by enhancing the appearance, comfort, and function of their health by providing dental health care of the highest quality each patient can accept that is consistent with their dental needs and value for oral health."

In other words our goal is to help you become as healthy as you choose. This is a major and radical departure from the way we were trained. Instead of telling you how healthy you should be, we try to help you understand your choices about dental health and then let you make a free and informed choice.

The goal of good dentistry is to help you keep for the rest of your life, all of your teeth in maximum health, comfort, function, and esthetics at a minimal stress and expense to you. We are pleasantly committed to you as our patient in these words. In our philosophy of practice, you are a person of great value and importance. Your physical, mental, and emotional health will always be the prime object of our concern.

Excellence in dentistry begins with a careful diagnosis and with the development of a master plan to move us toward the health goals we will establish together. You have unique dental needs, and we will analyze and address them candidly and objectively. We will identify and carefully consider your feelings and preferences.

We place at your disposal the professional judgement and skill that we have gained through many years of dental training. In our recommendations, we will apply this judgement and skill in determining the cause of present and potential future damage. We will find common sense answers through careful examination of teeth, gums, occlusion (bite), joints of the jawbone and soft tissues. We will utilize full mouth x-rays and where desirable, will study other radiographs and actual study casts of your teeth and jaws.

In our practice, we consider it far better to prevent dental diseases than to treat them after they occur. A workable preventive program must always begin with accurate analysis and diagnosis. The success of our efforts is assured through proper examination and through goal setting to achieve an effective master plan.

Our pledge to you is accurately expressed in these carefully chosen words: quality and excellence. We look upon you as a unique person of infinite worth-Both to God and to those who love and need you. Through our care and concern, we will reaffirm that worth.